The Best Essential Oils


There are many brands of essential oils available and sometimes things are just downright confusing.  Over the years,  I’ve used different brands of essential oils with varying results.  I’m a researcher.  I like to dig in and get to the bottom of things.  With essential oils, that can be particularly challenging as there is a A LOT of contradictory information out there.

Many essential oils are adulterated and filled with synthetics.  For example, it appears that more melaleuca essential oil is being sold than is being produced.  How can this be?  Well, it’s because many companies are downright dishonest.   If your essential oils are not pure, you will not have consistent results.  If you don’t think essential oils “work”, it is very likely that you are using a poor quality of oils.  When choosing an essential oil company, do some research.  Consider the following questions:

  • Where were the plants grown?  Oil composition can vary depending upon the geographic source.  Pure essential oils are gathered from plants that are indigenous to the region.
  • How and when were the plants harvested?  Plants must be harvested at varying times of the year and even specific times of the day in order to maintain a potent chemical composition.
  • What is the distillation process?  Distillation times and temperatures can make a difference in oil purity.  Temperature and pressure must be closely monitored.
  • What type of testing is done?   Mass spectrometry  and gas chromatography are both standard tests to determine oil purity. Ideally, essential  oils will also be tested against an ideal standard.
  • Are all batches tested?  The mass spectrometry test is fairly expensive, thus, not all oil companies test every batch for purity.  Testing of every batch ensures consistency in therapeutic use.
  • Are the essential oils safe for consumption?      Essential oils can be identified with a supplement label indicating a “GRAS” rating (Generally Recognized as Safe) for internal consumption.

Pure essential oils are clean, crisp and quickly absorbed into the skin.  Pure essential oils promote physical, emotional and spiritual well-being within the body.  Pure essential oils work.



co-Impact sourcing



Not only are doTerra essential oils pure and potent, doTerra’s co-impact sourcing model is just beautiful.  doTerra chooses NOT to own their own farms.  Instead, the company works with local farmers who, in many cases, they have been farming for generations and are often in impoverished areas.  Lives are changed and hope is given. 

PEOPLE.  doTerra works directly with farmers to pursue long-term partnerships and fair pay.  They provide jobs and training.  doTerra has also built health clinics and schools, dug wells, and engaged in other Healing Hands funded projects to create a stronger, more economically sound community.

PLANTS.  doTerra works with growers and teaches them sustainable agriculture practices as well as natural resource management.  Renewable energy and energy-efficient technology is encouraged.

PRODUCT.  Because of these long-term relationships, there is a loyalty between farmers and doTerra.  This ensures a loyal supply chain, long-term availability, and consistent quality.



Friends, I absolutely LOVE this company.  Rarely do you find a company that puts people over profit.  doTerra does.  They simply do things the right way.