Lord's Prayer


You’re probably familiar with The Lord’s Prayer, right?  In fact, you might know it by heart and have it memorized.  You might have said it so many times that you can say it without thinking.  And you might have said it so much that it’s lost it’s impact.  When you say the Lord’s Prayer, do you REALLY know what you are saying?

Take a look at verse 10: “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.”   When you say this, you are probably focused on some future event.  Maybe you’re thinking about what heaven will be like someday.  Streets of gold and all of that.  My 9 year old thinks that there will be candy for dinner every night and she will be able to hang with our much-loved dog, Steel, who died last year.   But is this verse about future heaven?   What does it really mean?

In the Lord’s Prayer, what we are asking for is this…we are asking God for His Kingdom to come down here, where we are.  We are asking for heaven to reign on earth.   It’s not about the future.   It’s right here.  Right now.  On earth.   The Kingdom is within our own grasp.

What does the Kingdom look like? I can tell you this…it’s far beyond what you can ever imagine.  Often, our logical minds limit the Kingdom to what we know and see.  Our human minds are so small and frail.  It’s impossible for us to grasp the magnitude of God’s greatness, His love and His extravagance.  I know this much…in the Kingdom, there is no fear, no pain, no doubt, no suffering, no hatred, no bigotry, no poverty, no cruelty, no ugliness.  The Kingdom is a place of beauty, love, justice, inspiration, compassion, riches, peace, faith and goodness.   I want that now.

God is not normal.  He is supernatural.  And when the Kingdom comes down, supernatural things happen.  Expect supernatural results in all that you do…with your family, in your community, in your business.  When the kingdom comes down, we overcome our fears and reality exceeds our wildest dreams.  We don’t settle and the word “impossible” isn’t in our vocabulary.

When we pray for the Kingdom to come down to earth, we are inviting the Lord to reign in all perfection and glory.   The Lord hears your prayersHe knows your name.  Right now, invite heaven to settle on this earth, on your city, in your home.   Don’t just recite the Lord’s Prayer.  Beg it.  Plead it   And know that the supernatural will become the new normal. Expect miracles!

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