My 13 year old daughter, Willa Blue, and I developed an addiction to Lush bath bombs.   While these bath bombs are absolutely amazing, they can be pricey.  The Karma Bubble Bar, my absolute favorite, is $12.  Yikes!

With this in mind, we wanted to find out how to make fizzy bath bombs on our own. I purchased some supplies and let my daughter have free reign in the kitchen.  After experimenting with a variety of recipes for a few weeks, she did it.

Before we jump in, you will need all of the ingredients listed as well as molds.  We like the round orb molds and ordered this kit.

This recipe will make 3 large bath bombs or 5-6 medium or small bombs.  I’ve added links to the ingredients.  If you are making in bulk, it’s much cheaper to order on Amazon.

How to Make Fizzy Bath Bombs

1. First mix together the dry ingredients:

2.  In a small bowl, mix the following wet ingredients:

3. In a larger bowl, alternating mixing the dry and wet ingredients together.  1/3 dry, 1/3 wet.  Repeat til mixed.  This will be about the consistency of damp sand.

4. Pack your molds tightly.  Very tightly.  If you are using the orb molds, pack both sides until overflowing and press together firmly.

5.  Let sit for about 30  TWO minutes and carefully remove from molds.  (edited to add: we discovered that they pop out much easier if you leave them in for shorter times)

6.  Allow to dry on wax paper and harden overnight.  If using orb molds, dry with the seam horizontal.  If the seam is upright, sometimes, they will split in half.


This has been a big trial and error for us so I want to note a few things:

Pigment.  We discovered that bath bombs with a lot of color can leave a ring in the tub.  This washes off easily but it’s something to keep in mind.  Personally, I don’t want to clean any more than I have to so we don’t make bold and bright bath bombs. We keep our colors lighter.

Humidity.  Humidity can impact your bath bombs.  Try making them on a dry, less humid day.

Molds. If you bath bombs are sticking to the molds, you can oil them down with coconut oil or almond oil beforehand.


Why are these DIY bath bombs so awesome?

  • Citric acid and backing soda have a chemical reaction and create carbon dioxide which creates the fizz when dropped into water.   As a homeschool mom, I’m calling this science!
  • The epsom salts are a great source of magnesium.  This helps with aching muscles and improves sleep.
  • You get the smell and added therapeutic benefits of essential oil.


Now you know how to make fizzy bath bombs!  Stay tuned for more fun recipes as we are already working on bath melts and a few other fun concoctions.

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