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Frequently Asked

Can you answer medical questions?

Sorry, I can’t.  I’m not a doctor and, therefore, can give medical advice.  

Can I make a one time purhase with doTERRA?

You sure can.  There are no requirements to have a monthly autoship or sell the product.  Most doTERRA users are simply customers.  When you purchase a kit, you are able to get 25% off all products for a year.  You can purchase whenever you like. 

Why shouldn't I purchase doTERRA on Amazon?

Great question.  A few years ago, doTERRA sent out an email indicating that they discovered counterfeit “doTERRA” on Amazon.  The bottles and labels were a perfect replica.  What was in the bottles?  That’s another great question.  It could b4e anything.

When you purchase products from a Wellness Advocate with a certified website (um, me!), you can be assured you are getting doTERRA. 

What makes doTERRA different?

1. CTPG. doTERRA sets the industry standard for purity and potency.  54 tests are done on each essential oil:  43 in house tests and 11 tests by a 3d party.

2.  Co-Impact Sourcing.  Wherever oils are sourced, doTERRA believes in paying fair wages to farmers.  With community initiatives such as building schools and health clinics, doTERRA’s goal is treat people with dignity and make a lasting impact. 

3.  Healing Hands.  doTERRA funds many focus driven projects such as Operation Underground Railroad, Days for Girls, and Wellness Advocate Partner Projects.

3. Prime Meridian. Investing in medical clinics and published research, doTERRA’s intention is to improve our current healthcare system. 


How quickly do you ship?

Your order will ship directly from doTERRA.  In most cases, it will be shipped the following day and you will receive it in 2-3 days.  That said, doTERRA’s official stance is 7-10 days.  It will arrive much sooner than that.  

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