35 Ways to Invest in Yourself

35 Ways to Invest in Yourself

35 Ways to Invest in Yourself

(because you are worth it)

  1. Spend meaningful time with a friend.
  2. Save money.  You won’t stress when something unexpected comes up.
  3. Therapy and counseling.
  4. Massages, manicures, & pedicures.
  5. Surround yourself with people who love, support, and encourage you.
  6. Read.  If you’re not a reader, try audiobooks.
  7. Regular check ups with your doctor.
  8. Adequate sleep.
  9. Be generous with your time and money.
  10. Find a mentor.
  11. Laugh.
  12. Feed yourself spiritually.
  13. Eat real food.  You’ll feel better.
  14. Forgive others.
  15. Forgive yourself.
  16. Exercise. Engage in any physical activity that you enjoy.
  17. Spend quality time with your partner.
  18. Sunshine. Bask in it.
  19. Meal plan.  If you plan, you’ll eat better.  See #13.
  20. Pray and meditate.
  21. Get clear on what you really want.
  22. Have a few outfits that make you feel amazing.
  23. Time away from your family & kids. Take a break sometimes.
  24. Learn something new.
  25. Start assembling a team (trainer, chef, housecleaner, counselor, biz coach, etc.).
  26. Keep a gratitude journal. Write in it daily.
  27. Get an accountability partner.
  28. Connect with nature.
  29. Establish personal and professional boundaries.  Great book here.
  30. Organization (being well organized saves time and money).
  31. Have a purpose (what makes you excited to get out of bed every morning?)
  32. Play.
  33. Volunteer (helping others always makes you feel better).
  34. Use faith declarations and affirmations.
  35. Accept what is not within your control.

and an a bonus…

36.  Sex.  My husband tossed this one in.  It’s great for stress, sleep, your immune system, and a healthy marriage.

Here’s the challenge:  Pick out one thing and focus on it today.  Just one thing.

And then tomorrow, focus on one thing.

And so on.

Baby steps.

What’s your focus today?

Release & Declare: Essential Oils for Positive Thinking

Release & Declare: Essential Oils for Positive Thinking


Many people use essential oils because they smell good.  Nothing wrong with that, at all.  Some use them for household cleaning.  Others foray into using them for therapeutic purposes and overall wellness. But did you know that essential oils can also help to clear negative thought patterns?

Essential oils have vibrational energy that impact a variety of emotions.  Some essential oils can help us to release the negative and focus on the positive.  It might sound kind of crazy but don’t knock it until you have tried it.

Release & Declare is a blend of 5 essential oils.  I first learned about this blend from Dr. Sue Lawton, RN, PhD.  Dr. Sue is a biochemist and has studied and used essential oils for over 40 years.  I’ll give you a bit of info on each oil.


Release & Declare

Melissa.  The Oil of Light.  Melissa is a high vibrational frequency and helps to dispel negative, low vibrations that hold one down.  It addresses sadness and feelings of being overwhelmed.

Marjoram.  The Oil of Connection.  Marjoram softens the heart and helps to heal past wounds.  It helps to restore trust and openness.  It addresses distrust, emotional isolation, and fear of rejection.

Bergamot.  The Oil of Self-Acceptance.  Bergamot helps individuals who struggle with self-love and self-acceptance.  It awakens the soul to hope and instills optimism and confidence.  Bergamot addresses despair , self-judgement, hopelessness and low self-esteem.

Black Pepper.  The Oil of Unmasking.  Black Pepper helps one to “get real” by digging deep and exploring true feelings, emotions and motives.  It fuels motivation and energy.  Black Pepper addresses repressed emotions, emotional dishonesty and judgmental, superficial emotions.

Rose.  The Oil of Divine Love.  Rose oils vibrates at the highest frequency of all essential oils.  It is a powerful healer of the heart.  Rose essential oil helps one to feel unconditional love and acceptance.  It addresses the emotions of being brokenhearted, feeling bereft or lacking in brotherly love.

Mix together the specified amounts and top with fractionated coconut oil or another carrier oil.  Apply as topically as needed to the heart.  Release all negativity and state a new, positive intention.

If you are not fortunate enough to have rose, you can substitute ylang yang, another essential oils that is good for the heart.

A word of advice:  quality of essential oils is VERY important.  Most essential oils are marketed for scent and do not have therapeutic value.  It is highly unlikely that you will find a high quality essential oil at your health food store.  And PLEASE do not purchase essential oils from Amazon.com.  I know of someone whose skin was burned from oils purchased on Amazon.  These were mild oils and should not have caused such an issue.

Ready to get started with pure, high-quality, safe, effective essential oils? I use doTerra and I can help you get started.  Just click here.  Then Release & Declare!


Essential Oils for  Mood Elevation

Essential Oils for Mood Elevation

Recently, I’ve really been getting into using essential oils for mood management and emotional health.   Our family has had some very cool experiences in both of these areas and I frequently hear from friends who have great testimonials as well.  It should be of  no surprise as our bodies are intricately and wonderfully crafted.  Smell and emotion are both based in body’s network of brain structures, the limbic system.

This is a blend to assist with mental sluggishness and help to elevate the mood.

  • Frankincense.   The Oil of Truth.  Frankincense addresses abandonment, spiritually disconnection, distance from father and spiritual darkness.
  • Lime.  The Oil of Zest for Life.  Addresses apathy, resignation, grief, suicidal thoughts and feelings, and discouragement.  
  • Wild Orange.  The Oil of Abundance.  Wild Orange addresses scarcity, over-serious, rigid, dull, workaholism, low energy, discouraged, hoarding and envy.

This blend also smells great.  It will really cheer up your home.  Try it out and let me know what you think.

Are you  ready to get started with essential oils?   Message me and I’ll send you info on the brand that I use and trust.     With any kit purchase, I’ll add you to our private Facebook page that is filled with great info.  And I’ll send you a free  reference guide and some additional goodies.  You’ll LOVE your oils.

Essential Oils & Emotional Healing

Essential Oils & Emotional Healing


If you have been emotionally hurt, you know that healing is a process.  First, we have to release our negative emotions before we can replace them with positive emotions.  Take forgiveness, for example.  In order to truly forgive, we have to release the feelings of bitterness, anger and resentment.  After we have forgiven, we may, at some point, come to a place where we are able to feel positively toward our trespassor and even wish him well.  For me, God is a crucial part of this process.

Essentials oils can also assist in the healing process.   My fellow oil maven, Sherrie Wortel, RN, is a whiz with the oils.  She is incredibly intuitive and created this specific blend.  We have heard great results from people who have used it.



The following oils may aid in emotional healing:

  • Frankincense.  The Oil of Truth.  Emotions addressed: abandonment, spiritually disconnected, distant from father, unprotected, spiritual darkness.
  • Bergamot.  The Oil of Self-Acceptance.  Emotions addressed:  despair, low self-esteem, self-judgement, unlovable and hopeless.
  • Cypress.  The Oil of Motion & Flow.  Emotions addressed:  controlling, fear, perfectionism, rigidity, stuck, tense.
  • Wild Orange.  The Oil of Abundance.  Emotions addressed:  Scarcity, over-serious, rigid, dull, workaholism, low energy, discouraged, hoarding and envy.

This blend also smells great.  Give it a shot and let me know how it goes.  I expect to hear some great stories!

Moving in Grace

Moving in Grace

Confession.  I am a voyeur.   I like observing people and studying their habits and quirks.  I enjoy people-watching.  I’m fascinated by red hair and freckles.   I love incongruency.  Watching a big man hold a baby.  A petite mother scold her much larger, teen-age son.  Sometimes, I’ll ask my husband to hand me my lipstick just so I can watch his large fingers fumble with the small tube. I love a larger woman who holds her self confidently.  And older couples who hold one another’s hands, the skin delicate and spotted with wisdom.  I like watching people people who are graceful and physically fit.   Years ago, I watched my nephew walk along a short path in the mountains.  With the natural grace of an athlete, he elegantly bounded down a steep slope.  I plodded behind.

Our bodies are such a wonder.  We are so intricately designed that, for me, there can be no doubt that we are a masterful creation of God.  It’s simply hard for me to entertain other notions.  When I look at my daughter skip and prance or my son skillfully maneuver his skateboard, I see God’s handiwork.    It’s no wonder that I love Psalm 139:13-14:

For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.

The first time that I clearly heard the voice of God was, years ago, when I was reading Exodus. After hanging with God for 40 days and nights, God gave Moses specific instructions on how to build the sanctuary.  It reads like a holy DIY tutorial:  acacia wood shall be 2 cubits x 1 1/2 cubits x 1 1/2 cubits, the length of each curtain is 28 cubits, upright frames are 10 cubits x 1 1/2 cubits.

When reading this, it seemed pretty dry and I thought to myself, “O.K.  And, God, just what are trying to tell me with this?  I don’t think I’ll be building a tabernacle anytime soon?”  One of the things that I love about God is that he has a great sense of humour.  Within minutes, He spoke to my heart.  This is the essence of what He said, “If I put this much thought and detail into tabernacle,  imagine the thought and detail that I put into you.  Your body is my temple.”  I was awestruck, convicted and encouraged.

My body is the home of the Holy Spirit ( 1 Corinthians 6:19-20).  I should honor God by honoring my body. This encompasses a lot and for me, it speaks to clean eating, clean living, relying on natural alternatives, and exercising.  Do I always treat my body as a temple?  Nope.  I need to loose a few pounds and I have an absolutely horrible off and on addiction with diet Coke.   And, for me, those are sins.  My God, however, is loving, forgiving and full of grace.  It’s up to me to accept that love, forgiveness and grace.  I may not move with the physical grace that I admire so much in others but I am moving forward in His grace.