Lemon essential oil is very versatile.  It has a fresh clean smell that makes it awesome for cleaning.  But it’s equally handy in the kitchen.   It blends well with many other essential oils including the mints and other citrus oils.  It’s definitely an oil to keep handy.  Heck, I even carry lemon oil in my purse!

22 Ways to Use Lemon Essential Oil

  1. Use a drop or 2 to remove grease and gum spots.  Make sure to test area first.  You may find that this actually works on delicate fabrics like silk and linen. I’ve had GREAT success with this.
  2. Add a few drops to your bathwater to help with typical stress and fatigue.
  3. Put a few drops on a cotton ball.  Use for minor skin irritations.
  4. For homemade lemonade, mix 1 drop per cup of water and add sweetener to taste (honey, stevia and  agave are healthier options).
  5. Put a few drops of lemon essential oil on a cotton ball.  Leave in your vehicle to give it a fresh smell.
  6. Add 4-6 drops to a cup of water to use to clean the kitchen and bathroom.  For an extra kick, add a drop or 2 of peppermint oil.
  7. For a healthy detox, add a few drops of lemon essential oil to your water.
  8. Take a whiff of lemon oil to refresh the mind and rid yourself of negativity.
  9. Use to support a healthy appearance on legs as you age.
  10. To keep your dishes spot-free, add a drop to your dishwasher.
  11.  Use as a carpet cleaner.  Add 20 drops to a cup of baking soda.  Let sit overnight so the powder can soak up the oils.  Sprinkle on carpets and vacuum for a lovely fresh scent.
  12. Lemon oil assists with blood circulation.  Add to lotion or oil for a great massage.
  13. Lemon oil is great for oily skin.  Add a few drops to 1/2 cup of water and use as a skin spray.
  14. Use lemon oil to remove sticker gunk.
  15. Keep a bottle of lemon oil in your purse.  Use to clean  your hands after using public restrooms.
  16. To alkalize your  water and your body pH, add a drop or 2 to a glass of drinking water.
  17. Add a few drops to warm water.  Use as a mouthwash.
  18. Put lemon essential oil into a tiny atomizer spray bottle.  Use to clean grocery store carts.
  19. To provide some relief from overeating, rub a few drops of doTERRA lemon essential oil on your chest or add a few drops in your water.  Tastes fabulous as well.
  20. Apply lemon essential oil directly to skin blemishes and discover great results.
  21. Add 10 or more drops to taste to a sugar cookie recipe for fabulous lemon cookies.
  22. Apply a few drops of lemon essential oil to a cotton ball and leave in air vents for a great house freshener.


The highest quality lemon oil is grown in Italy where it is indigenous to the area. When purchasing lemon essential oil, be sure and look for an oil that comes from Italy.  You will find about 240 drops of lemon oil in each 15 ml bottle of lemon essential oil.  240 drops is 240 applications.  A little goes a LONG way.

Be cautioned, many citrus essential oils are photosensitive.  Be sure and avoid the sun if using lemon essential oil externally on your skin.

There you have it.  Lemon essential oil has so many uses.  To purchase a bottle, shoot me an email and I’ll send you some info.  I only use the BEST quality.  You’ll love it!


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