If you have entered the world of essential oils, you are probably using roller bottles.  If you aren’t, check out this  DIY tutorial to learn how to make rollers.  It’s easy, safer, and saves you money.

And if you are making roller bottles, PLEASE label them.  If not, you will quickly find bottles laying around and you’ll have no idea what’s inside.  Trust me on this.  It happens.  More times that I would like to admit.

How to Label Essential Oil Roller Bottles

Tip:  Before you get started and attach any label, make sure the bottle is clean and dry.  It’s best to label your bottle first and then create your concoction. Otherwise, any oil on the bottle can prevent labels from sticking.

1. The most basic way to label is with paper and packing tape.  On a small piece of paper, write out the oils or blend name.  Cover this fully with clear packing tape.  Remember to cover the edges of the paper.  This isn’t the prettiest but it’s waterproof and it works.

2. Use round bottle cap labels.  These are designed for the top of bottle caps but they work very well on the side of bottles.  You can easy see the oils in the bottle.  You an even add a little number on the label to identify the number of drops in your blend.  Tip:  Cover these with clear packing tape.  Otherwise, oil will get under the labels, over time, and cause them to lose stickiness.

If you have a doTerra account, you can order these labels through the company.  If not, you can order them from Amazon.  You can purchase pages of individual labels and a book over at Oil Sharing Tools.  I love my book.  Ordering refills sheets is inexpensive and they keep shipping reasonable.

3.  You can create beautiful labels with a Circut or Silhouette Cameo vinyl cutting machine.  I had one of these and never took the time to learn it.  Fortunately, I have many friends who use and love their machines.  I’ve had them make gorgeous labels for me, including these.  Aren’t they pretty?

4.  Another option is washi tape.  Decorative washi tape makes super cool labels.  You can write on it, too.  Again, to keep it fully waterproof, cover with clear packing tape.

5.  I have found the perfect label maker!  After doing research, I purchased this Brother P-Touch.  And it is fabulous!  You can create quick labels or plug into your computer and use simple software to make more customized labels.  The 1 inch labels are perfect for including a name, recipe,  and instructions.  Labels are waterproof and come in clear and a variety of colors.  It’s the best!

These are my favorite methods to use in case you were wondering how to label your essential oil roller bottles. You can also find some super cool labels online. Here’s a few of my favorites:

There ya go.  A few of my favorites. What is your favorite method to use? Is there something I’m missing.  If so, let me know!