If you have just entered the world of essential oils, welcome! It can be super confusing.  I’m totally here to help. And today, we are going to talk about how to make an essential oil roller bottle.

Roller bottles are convenient, safe, and economical.  And they are simple to make.

Collect your supplies.  Here’s what you will need:

  • First of all…roller bottles.  If you just want to purchase a few, I recommend these.  I’m partial to the stainless steel rollers. They glide and work well.
  • A carrier oil.  Fractionated coconut oil is a good choice because it’s light on the skin and has a long shelf life.  
  • Essentials oil.  I choose doTerra.  They are awesome quality.  
  • Labels.  Trust me on this.  Otherwise, you’ll have tons of roller bottles around the house and have no idea what’s in them.  I speak from experience.

A good recommendation is to dilute to 10%.  This means that you will have 90% carrier oil and 10% essential oils.  Check out this article for more info on diluting.

A 10ml roller bottle holds 180 drops of oil.  This means you would use about 18 drops of essential oil and the rest carrier oil. Make sense?  

How to make an essential oil roller bottle:

  1. Add your essential oils.  Again, with a 10ml roller bottle, you will use about 18 drops of essential oil. You can use a single oil or a combination.
  2. Fill with your carrier oil.
  3. Pop the roller on (trick:  just press it in lightly and screw the cap on.  The pressure of the cap will tighten it snugly).
  4. Label your bottle.
  5. Roll on as needed.

Voila.  You’ve made your first roller bottle!  And this doesn’t mean that you’re a hippy, eat organic, or use cloth diapers on your kids.  It just means that you are open—minded to other options. Good for you!

Now, let’s talk about labels.  You can easily use bottle cap labels.  If you order from doTerra, just add them to your cart along with your next order.  If not, look here.

And if you really want to up you game, I’m using this Brother label maker and it’s absolutely awesome.   

Now you know how to make your own essential oil roller bottle. But the real question is…..what are you going to put in it?