On Mondays, I share how I’ve been mindful about our finances and consumption over the past week. I’ve just started doing this and I hope it inspires you to be more intentional and mindful about your own purchases.  I’d love to hear your feedback.

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving and we spend the week at the beach.  We stayed in a gorgeous 3 bedroom condo with amazing views.  This is our Thanksgiving tradition and our attempt to focus on experiences over things.  It was lovely, peaceful, and restful.

  1.  I meal planned beforehand.  This ensured that we ate well on vacation. It’s a money saver, too.
  2. I packed up a box of food staples to take along (spices, tea, sugar, etc.) and other necessities (trash bags, detergent) so I wouldn’t need to purchase extra.
  3. We went out to eat three times.  That’s pretty good for being on vacation for 8 days.  At least, it is for us.
  4. I did ZERO shopping on Black Friday.
  5. We read a lot on vacation.  Instead of purchasing downloadable books on Amazon, I checked out a few digital books from my local library.
  6. My hubby opted to purchase a couple of books on Amazon.  After downloading, he realized that he already read one of the books and had previously bought a digital version.  I requested a refund.  13 days had past but Amazon is pretty awesome and they refunded me $10.

What about you?  What have you done to be intentionally mindful with your money this week?