Some things in life are expected.  When you expect something, you can prepare for it.  It’s pretty standard that July 4 will be filled with picnics and fireworks.  If this is typical for  your family,  keep your essential oils handy because you will definitely need them.

Last year, my family was at a July 4 party.  My husband’s band was playing. There was plenty of food.  General good times.  When dusk hit, the fireworks started.   Unfortunately, there was a little mishap and firework sparks struck a woman nearby.  A few minutes later, this woman comes over to  me and says, “Someone told me that you might be able to help.  My skin is really irritated.”  Of course, I had my essential oils.  I applied a bit of lavender and it helped.  Moral of the story:  Be prepared and keep your oils handy.

So what exactly do you need to have on hand?   Here are a few suggestions:


Did you overindulge at the BBQ?  Too much potato salad at the picnic?   Experiencing occasional indigestion?  DigestZen is it!  This stuff eases feelings of queasiness.  It also helps to reduce gas and bloating.  All you have to do is rub a drop on your tummy or chest.*   Amazing!


Do the neighborhood fireworks frighten your dog?  Are fireworks going off late and keeping your baby awake?  If this is you, Serenity will become your BFF.  This is a calming blend of Roman Chamomile, lavender, marjoram, and ylang ylang.  It is soothing and relaxing.  Perfect to calm when tensions are high.  It’s good for baby and Fido, too.  One drop does the trick.*


Are mosquitos ruining your holiday fun?  Too many flying and crawling pests?  You need TerraShield. TerraShield acts as an insect repellant and keeps the pests away.  It is a blend of essential oils, diluted in fractionated coconut oil.  No nasty synthetics or toxic chemicals.  It’s safe for everyone in the family.  TerraShield comes in a handy spray bottle (optional) and is super easy to use.  Just spray on.  That’s it.


Did your redneck uncle get a wee bit crazy with the fireworks?   I live in Georgia and these things happen.  We all have that one relative who takes things a little bit too far.  This is where your lavender comes in handy.  Remember my story above?  Lavender helps.  You can apply it directly to the skin irritation.  It’s pretty awesome.

That’s it friends. Those four little essential oil will help keep your family feeling healthy, safe and protected during the July 4 festivities.  If you are in the Independence Day spirit, here’s a piece that I did on just exactly what freedom means to me.   Happy days!

* It’s always good practice to dilute your essential oils.  For dilution ratios, check out this post.  You can also purchase the doTerra Touch kit with pre-diluted oils that are ready to roll.  And,