So, I’m cleaning out my purse and wallet and come across….pennies! Pennies are kind of a nuisance, aren’t they? My 15 year old recently told me that it costs more than a penny to MAKE a penny. Isn’t that a crazy thought? As I was cleaning up my pennies, I thought, “What can you even buy with a penny?” And I’ll tell you what you an buy….a drop of essential oil.

Why are essential oils so expensive?

If cost is holding you back from getting started with quality essential oils, let’s break it down a bit. I think you will truly see that essential oils are MUCH more economical (and safer) than their synthetic counterparts.

Before I jump into cost, remember….one drop of essential oil is an application. Most of the time, you need just ONE drop. If you dilute your oils, you will use even less. And diluting is a good thing. Diluting actually makes the oils even MORE effective. That’s a kind of tough concept to grasp but it’s true.

So, onto cost. Most bottles are 15 ml. 15 ml = 240 drops. Some oils do come in smaller, 5ml bottles. 5ml = 80 drops. Here’s the doTerra wholesale cost breakdown on a few of the most popular essential oils and blends

Cost per drop:

Peppermint .09
OnGuard .13
frankincense .29
lemongrass .04
Elevation .15
Lavender .09
Breathe .08
Balance .08
Peace .35

You really CAN get something for just pennies! 

What’s stopping you?!?!  If that’s not enough, we have an awesome Facebook support group for those on our team.  No additional purchases, no selling required, and no pressure.  Just essential oil love.  And that’s free!

So, what is your very favorite doTerra essential oil? Tell me!