A couple of months ago, I made a new friend on Facebook. I noticed her posting pics of her Bible with beautiful hand-lettering and bright artwork. I was super intrigued and quickly got sucked into #BibleJournal on Instagram. Go on over and search the hashtag. I dare you. You’ll be amazed. There are some super talented women out there. I quickly decided to try my hand at this beautiful form of creative worship.

 Please don’t be intimidated by this.  Even if you are not artistic, you can begin to Bible journal.  Me…I’m certainly not an artist.  This isn’t about perfection.  It’s about the process.  It’s about digging into the Word, praying, allowing God to speak to you, and putting your love and gratitude down on paper.  You can do that, right?


The Hidden Benefits of Journaling in Your Bible


As I began use my Bible for doodling, art, and creative worship, I quickly discovered the benefits.

  • I begun to LOVE my quiet time.  I actually look forward to waking up in the mornings, studying, and creating.  I have officially turned into a morning person.
  • I started to read the Bible instead of reading books ABOUT the Bible.  Big difference.
  • I began to dig deep into the Word.  I would read and re-read chapters.  Sunday mornings weren’t enough.  I wanted real depth and knowledge.
  • I started to memorize scripture more easily.
  • God shared awesome revelations. Every single day.
  • I began to love God more.  You can’t love someone that you don’t know, right?  Well, God used Bible Journaling to bring me into a more intimate relationship with Him.  How cool is that?!?!

This is an image of one of the first times entries that I did.  Emmanuel.  God with us. I used inexpensive watercolor paints and stickers.  You can also use rubber stamps, scrapbook materials, washi tape, and ephemera.  Whatever speaks to your creative little heart.  Just be you!


How to Get Started


  • Pray.  Start off and talk to God.  He listens.
  • Begin with a favorite or meaningful verse.  Meditate on the verse as you create.
  • Start off doodling on scrap paper.  It gets the creative juices flowing.
  • Use a pencil for lettering or artwork.  Once you get your desired design, color over permanently.
  • Don’t limit yourself to artwork.  You can write notes, create outlines, or illustrate a high point.  Just make it pretty!
  • If you need inspiration, google “hand lettering” or head on over to dafont for some nifty font ideas.
  • Take your time.  This is worship.  And we don’t rush worship, right?



Tips for Bible Journaling


  • Decide if you want to write in your Bible or if you’d prefer to use a separate journal.   I have always loved writing in my Bible, taking notes, cross-referencing, etc.  Some consider the Bible holy (and it is!) and don’t feel comfortable writing in their Bible.  This is perfectly fine.  You can copy pages from the Bible and decorate them or work in a blank journal.  Whatever you do is correct.
  • If you do choose to adorn your Bible, know that the first time is the most difficult.  And how!  Embrace this and know that it gets easier.
  • Mistakes can be fixed.  Trust me on this.  Washi tape and doodles cover a multitude of “sins.” Ha!
  • Peruse Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration.  Feel free to follow me as I often post my doodles and inspiration.
  • You can purchase a journaling Bible or begin creating in your current Bible.
  • Many markers will bleed through the pages.  Be sure and test your pens and markers on back pages before beginning.  Crayola Twistables are awesome and you might have some lying around.  Colored pencils are an option.  If you want to purchase some good pens,  I’m a big fan of Pigma Mircon.


Ready to jump in?  I hope that you are!  I think you’ll love it and I KNOW that it will move your heart closer to Him.  Blessings to you!