Not too long ago, my friend, Carol, posted a pic on Facebook of some essential oil inhalers that she made for her son.  My friend is working on her aromatherapy certification so this is her THING.  Her son is in elementary school and they rely heavily on the essential oils for health and wellness.  She really didn’t want to send bottles of oils with her son to school.  So she found some inexpensive inhalers and made up a few blends personalized just for him.  One to use when he WORRIES too much.  One to use when he has TOO MUCH ENERGY.  And one for FOCUS.  Carol also used these words because they are simple and easy to read while being “normal” and not embarrassing him.  Heck, we all have times when we worry, have too much energy, and need focus, right? I thought this was such a nifty little idea so I’ll tell you just how it’s done.

These inhalers are a great and economical way to use your essential oils aromatically.  And aromatic use is especially good when you are using the oils for emotional and mental support.  Inhaling essential oils gets the molecules right into the olfactory system which is related to the emotional part of our brain.  Here is a bit of research from Vanderbilt University for those of you who are true geeks (like me!) and want to learn more.

When using your diffuser, just open it and place it near your nose.  Inhale deeply and count to 5. You can repeat this process several times.  Deep breathing is key.  Never insert the inhaler in your nose.  It’s unnecessary and just a little nutty.  Now, how do we make these things?

First of all, you will want to pick up some essential oil inhalers.  These are super inexpensive.  If you want a fancier inhalertake a look at these.  Super cute and a bit more glam.  You will want to have your essential oils handy.  If you are unsure what to use, read on and I’ll give you a few suggestions. Here goes.

How to Make a DIY Essential Oil Inhaler

  1. Place about 12-14 drops of essential oil on the cotton wick.  There are 2 methods.  You can just drip the oils onto the wick.  Be careful as some oils tend to pour out quickly.  Or you can place your oils in another small container and allow the cotton wick to soak up the oils.
  2. Place the wick inside the empty inhaler.  Notice the little holes on the inhaler.  That’s where the aroma escapes.
  3. Snap the plug tightly on the bottom of the inhaler.
  4. Pop the cover on and keep covered when not in use.
  5. Label your inhaler.  The small, circular stickers that you use on your essential oils are a perfect fit.  You can also  use a label maker or even a sharpie.  But definitely label.  Trust me on that!

Your inhaler will keep the oils smelling very strong for quite a while.  I’ve had one going for over a month and it still has quite a kick.  And when you are ready to refresh, you just pop out the plug and add a few more drops of oil.  Easy peasy.  So, now you know how to do it, I’m sure you are wondering what oils to use.  Here are Carol’s “recipes”:

  • Worry.  The Joyful blend or a mixture of lavender, Hawaiian sandalwood, lavender, melissa & wild orange.
  • Too Much Energy.   A combination of tdoTerra Balance and doTerra Serenity. Or a combination of Roman chamomile, frankincense, ylang ylang, and sandalwood. 3 drops of each.
  • Focus.  Peppermint and wild orange.  6 drops of each.

And here are a few of my own suggestions:

  • Respiratory support:  doTerra Breathe. Or a combination of peppermint, eucalyptus, and cardamom.
  • Concentration:  doTerra InTune. Or a combination of rosemary, sandalwood, and peppermint.
  • Calming:   doTerra Serentiy.  Or a combination of lavender, roman chamomile, and vetiver.
  • Smoking cessation support:  A blend of black pepper, eucalyptus, and clove. Or the Protective blend.
  • Self-confidence:  doTerra Balance combined with frankincense.
  • Female libido:  doTerra ClaryCalm. Or ylang ylang and clary sage.  Pick one or blend.
  • Male libido: Sandalwood, doTerra Elevation, and ylang ylang.  Pick one or blend.
  • Repelling negative energy:  doTerra TerraShield.

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