The holidays are often a time of overindulging, particularly in regard to food.  For stomach and digestion support, the digestive blend is a favorite around here.  While it won’t quite cure that “stuffed like a turkey” feeling, it’s great for Thanksgiving tummy troubles.  Just a drop massaged into the tummy or chest works wonders.  Remember to dilute for the littles.

We also like to drink Tummy Tea which is a more flavorful way to help tummy aches.   Mix up a batch of the oil blend and add a drop or 2 to a cup of honey tea.  We like to use green tea and add a teaspoon of local honey.  Tasty and a great tummy tamer.

 Tummy Tea
10 drops Lemon
10  drops Wild Orange
2  drops Peppermint
2  drops Ginger
Happy Thanksgiving!
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