I first heard of oil pulling several months ago when I was trolling around the book section of Amazon.com.   I’m an Amazon.com fiend.   I love to research and the product reviews appeal to the geek in me.  I came across Bruce Fife’s book, Oil Pulling Therapy:  Detoxifying and Healing the Body Through Oral Cleaning.    I looked at the reviews and was hooked.   I did a bit of quick googling and ran off to pull.  After doing it one time, I was hooked.   My teeth seemed whiter and cleaner immediately.  It’s crazy.

What exactly is oil pulling?    You simply swish vegetable oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes.  That’s it.   It’s incredibly simple.  No special equipment or products are required.   For optimal benefits, pull 4-5 days a week.

Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic method of supporting the whole body.    Many microorganisms  enter our bodies through our mouth.  Oil pulling removes microorganisms that can harm our bodies.  It’s really not a big mystery.   The theory is that microorganisms in the mouth are single cells with a fatty membrane outer layer.   And oil attracts oil, right?  So when you swish oil around your mouth, the fatty membranes of the microorganisms are attracted to the oil.  All of the bacteria hiding in the gums and crevices are sucked out.   Sunflower and sesame oil are frequently used.  I prefer coconut oil.

There are some radical oil pulling testimonials out there.  One of the most common is whiter teeth.  I can attest to that one.  I’ve also heard of reduced joint pain, relief from congested sinuses,  curing skin disorders such as eczema and healing of chronic inflammation.  Not to mention the reports of reduced gum disease, strengthening the teeth and a reduction of bad breath.

Here is my oh-so-simple oil pulling how to:

1)      Brush your teeth.
2)      Take a heaping teaspoon of coconut oil.
3)      Pop it in your mouth.
4)      Add one drop of peppermint or clove essential oil
5)      Swish for 20 minutes.
6)      Spit (in the trash; not in the sink)
7)      Brush again.

It is important to brush your teeth first to clean.  Otherwise you’re just swishing around bits of spinach and blueberries from that morning smoothie.    I like to add a drop of essential oil.  I use oils that are pure and approved by the FDA for consumption.  Peppermint adds a nice zing.  Clove is known to promote good dental health.  Adding a drop of essential oil would naturally seem to increase the efficacy of the pull.

Swish for 20 minutes and go on about your business.  I fold clothes, read or just do whatever.  A few weeks ago, I was doing a bit of baking.  I saw the coconut oil and just popped a spoonful in my mouth (no brushing first; you caught me) and pulled as I baked.  It’s really that simple.

When you’re done, be sure and spit in the trash.  Coconut oil hardens below 76 degrees.  Given this, it could possibly clog your drains in colder weather.  I’m no scientist but this just seems logical to me.

Oil pulling is cheap, easy, simple and has a ton of benefits.  My family thinks that one of the greatest benefits is the fact that I can’t talk for an entire 20 minutes while I’m pulling.  I am so loved and appreciated.

What’s stopping you?  Grab your oil and go for a pull.  Then come back and tell me how white your teeth are.   You’ll be hooked.

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