At this moment, I am grateful that:

• My 11 year old son reaches out to hold my hand in public.
• My church is spirit-filled.
• My kids and husband are physically and emotionally healthy.
• A new generation is rising up to show this world the love of God in crazy and radical ways.
• My husband is loving, kind, uplifting and supportive.
• My husband is hot.
• I have a daughter that loves to cuddle.
• I have a step-mother that has become one of my best friends.
• My son is compassionate and quick to respond to conviction.
• My daughter is lively and spirited and brings joy wherever she goes.
• I have a house, food, a car and lots of books.
• I have friends who encourage me and speak truth into my life.
• Our dog, Steel, has been a faithful companion for the past 6 years.
• My grandmother will celebrate her 90th birthday this summer.
• I have a job that is challenging and fulfilling.
• The leaders in my church strive toward holiness.
• I’m able to spend each day with my kids as they learn at home.
• My God restores, rejuvenates and heals.

What are you grateful for?