Just because a day in the life of a work-at-home-schooling mom is so riveting, I decided to log my life on Thursday, March 1.  Every hour, on the hour.

7:00 am      Asleep

8:00 am     Drinking coffee; reading the Bible

9:00 am     Sending a business e-mail

10:00 am    Conference call

11:00 am    Reading “Little Women” aloud to the kids

12:00 pm    Making GNOWFGLINS sourdough artisan bread

1:00 pm      Eating yougurt; talking with my son about his current writing project

2:00 pm      Heading out the door to Tang Soo Do class

3:00 pm      Finishing up Tang Soo Do

4:00 pm      Reviewing some business documents

5:00 pm     Packing up some oil samples for a friend who has been sick

6:00 pm     Working on my vision book

7:00 pm     Putting away laundry

8:00 pm     Setting the table for dinner.  It’s late.  I know.

9:00 pm     Reading (a reference book on using essential oils)

10:00 pm   Working with my son on his writing project.  Discussing and editing.  Yes, it’s late.  I know.  He tends to be more productive at night and I’m trying not to impose my own issues on him.

11:00 pm    Amazon.com.  Looking at books.

12:00 am    Reading (a book on leadership & development)