Today has been a chilly, rainy day. After piddling around in the morning, Willa Blue decides that she wanted to watch the movie, Elf. She’s already been singing Christmas carols. I mean, it’s not even Halloween but that’s o.k. I can dig it. Elf is, after all, a contemporary classic.

I plan on doing some work while she watches the movie. My work primarily consists of researching and writing and I’m fully prepared to dig right in as she watches the movie in our upstairs family room. As she’s headed up, she asks me to watch the movie with her. I explain that I had planned on working as she watched the movie. She says, “C’mon Mom. You can sit there with me and do your work while I watch.” I was so moved by this small, innocent comment. My daughter wasn’t asking for my undivided attention; she just wanted my presence. She just wanted me to be there, alongside her.

In that moment, I saw God in my daughter. Yes, there are times when he wants us, wholly and fully present. But he also wants us to allow Him into our presence every day, every hour, every minute, every second. He desires that constant bond, the communal connection as we go about our lives. He doesn’t have to be our main thought every day but he does need to be our main focus. He is a jealous God and He truly is jealous for me.