the search is over. i’ve finally found the perfect sprouted wheat bread recipe. i spent several weeks searching blogs, reading recipes and studying up on sprouting. i read nourishing traditions in bed and dreamed of sweet, lofty sprouted bread. every day for over two weeks, i attempted a loaf of bread. some were edible. some were not. some were wet and mushy. others were total bricks. one loaf actually fermented. if i had eaten it, would i have become sick, drunk or both? hmmmm…..

several pounds of wheat later, i came across peter reinhart’s whole grain breads. i will say, this is the most time-consuming bread that i’ve ever attempted. of course, traditional foods are not for those seeking instant gratification. i’m cool with that. this bread is pretty much a 4 day process. so, plan ahead. the results, however, were worth it.
  • day 1. soak and sprout grains.
  • day 2. dehydrate grains
  • day 3. make biga and soaker
  • day 4. 2 rises and a bake
the final product was really amazing. the bread had a great rise and fabulous texture. and it passed the ultimate test…everyone loved it. it’s a great all-around daily bread. we eat an average of 2 loaves of bread a week. guess it’s time to start sprouting more grains.
dreams they’re for those who sleep…