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Essential oils.

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doTERRA essential oils are sold  through Wellness Advocates, like me.  When you purchase from a certified site, your oils will be shipped from doTERRA .  This  guarantees your oils are pure, unadulterated, & of the highest quality.

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Natural Solutions Kit


natural solutions kit

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Who uses essential oils?

Essential oils have been around for hundreds of years; we have only begun to discover their health benefits.  Essential oil research has increased over 800% in the past 10 years. Because of doTERRA, many now have access to pure essential oils.   

The real question is…who doesn’t use essential oils?

Your Neighbors

Essential oils are super popular these days.  And they’re popular because they work.

It’s estimated that 30% of doctor visits are unnecessary.  What if you could handle minor issues at home: digestive upset, minor sprains, respiratory struggles?  What if you were able to strengthen your immune system, sleep better, have increased focus and concentration?

Physicians + Chiropracters + Medical Professionals

Increasingly, medical professionals are discovering that essential oils can be effectively integrated into their existing practice.  Patients benefit greatly when essential oils are used complementary or alternatively.  


Many businesses understand the importance of medical self-care.  By implmenting employee wellness programs and integrating essential oils, both absenteeism and stress can be reduced. 

Spas + Massage Therapists + Yogis

Aromatherapy is often a part of the spa experience.  Implementing essential oils in massage practice impoves the therapeutic benefits.  Using doTERRA shows your commitment to the best. 

Prime Meridian Health Clinics

Board-Certified physicians offer traditional medicine as well as holistic alternatives including nutritional counseling and essential oils.  It’s the best of both worlds as you partner with your doctor to treat disease while improve your health and quality of life. 

Currently, there are 4 Prime Meridian clinics in the United States with 30+ expected.  This is a subscription based model which makes it affordable. 

I'm Stephanie

I help women make better choices in order to experience vibrant health, less stress, and more freedom.

Essential oils can be overwhelming. I get that. But they don’t have to be. My goal is to help you confidently use essential oils and discover how simple & effective they can be.

I have been using essential oils for 20+ years.  If you want to be a customer, that’s awesome.  You can create an account online (just like Amazon) and order when you want. 

If you want to  sell doTERRA and make a little money,  that’s another option.  Others might want to engage in the business and create a residual income.  That’s exactly what I’ve done and I can show you how.

My goal is to support you wherever you are.

Questions about getting started?